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Philippe Pfeiffer


Philippe Pfeiffer

Philippe Pfeiffer is an accomplished HR expert specializing in Workday solutions. With expertise in project management, functional and technical consulting, and solution architecture, Philippe is skilled in tackling HCM challenges.

Having worked extensively in the HR technology industry, Philippe has a track record of successfully delivering Workday implementations and providing expert guidance to organizations worldwide. He possesses a deep understanding of the global HR landscape and has led international projects, collaborating with clients from diverse industries and regions. This experience has enabled him to navigate cross-cultural and multinational environments, ensuring seamless implementation and optimal outcomes across different time zones, languages, and regulatory frameworks.

Philippe is proficient in various Workday modules, including HCM, Recruiting, Absence, Performance, Integrations, and Reporting. He possesses comprehensive knowledge in areas such as security, talent management, and advanced compensation. Philippe excels in aligning business requirements with IT solutions, enabling organizations to fully leverage Workday's potential and achieve their strategic objectives. His responsibilities have encompassed project management, solution design, system testing, interface specification, and implementing third-party solutions.

Philippe's ability to thrive under pressure, excellent interpersonal skills, and strong organizational capabilities make him a valuable asset in international projects. He is a proactive self-starter who takes initiative and excels in collaborative team environments, consistently delivering high-quality results.

Przemysław Kwiatkowski


Przemyslaw Kwiatkowski

Przemek is a highly skilled professional with expertise in Workday Integrations. With a solid background as a Web Developer, Przemek brings a diverse set of skills to the table. Having spent 7 years in the Workday, Przemek has gained extensive knowledge of the Workday ecosystem and its intricacies.

What sets Przemek apart is their customer-centric approach. He prioritizes understanding the unique needs of each customer and strive to deliver solutions that meet and exceed their expectations. Przemek's flexibility allows him to adapt to changing requirements and find innovative ways to address complex integration challenges.

Przemek's analytical skills are exceptional, enabling them to analyse data and identify opportunities for optimization. He has a solution-oriented mindset and can quickly devise effective strategies to overcome obstacles. Honesty and open discussion are core values for Przemek, fostering transparent and collaborative relationships with clients and colleagues.

Beyond the professional sphere, Przemek enjoys indulging in their passion for off-piste skiing during free time. This hobby showcases adventurous spirit and their ability to tackle challenges outside the workplace. Overall, Przemek is a dedicated and knowledgeable Workday Integrations expert who consistently strives to deliver the best possible outcomes for his clients.

Jyotirmai Agarwal


Jyotirmai Agarwal

Marta Rodzik-Szulc


Marta Rodzik-Szulc

With almost 8 years of Workday experience, Marta is a highly skilled and dedicated Workday Integration consultant. She possesses an advanced knowledge of various types of integrations, including reports, web services, connectors, transformations, Studio, and Extend. Her expertise extends to configuring BIRT layouts, conducting performance reviews, streamlining business processes, and generating automatic letters within the Workday platform. Additionally, she has the ability to create custom applications using Workday Extend, enabling tailored solutions to address unique business needs.

Beyond her technical capabilities, she brings analytical skills and an open-minded, flexible approach to problem-solving. She thrives on finding innovative solutions to challenges and are driven by a solution-oriented mindset. Whether it's troubleshooting integration issues or devising creative ways to optimize Workday functionalities, she consistently strives to deliver efficient and effective outcomes. With a combination of extensive Workday experience, technical proficiency, and a solution-oriented mindset, she is well-equipped to contribute to and drive success in Workday integration projects.

With a strong foundation in technical research skills, she excels at delving deep into complex subjects and extracting relevant information. Her ability to gather, analyze, and synthesize technical data allows them to make informed decisions and develop innovative solutions. Furthermore, her natural empathy and exceptional communication skills enable her to connect with clients on a personal level, truly understanding their needs and concerns. She approaches each client interaction with genuine care and actively listens to their requirements, ensuring that she provides tailored solutions that address their specific challenges. Coupled with her problem-solving abilities and analytical thinking, she is adept at breaking down intricate problems and finding practical and efficient resolutions. Through a combination of technical expertise, empathy, and an analytical mindset, she is committed to delivering exceptional results that exceed client expectations.

Klaudia Egedova


Klaudia Egedova

Klaudia PMP® is a skilled Workday consultant based in Zürich. With a successful track record of delivering exceptional results for clients across various industries, Klaudia has worked with leading Swiss, German, and international organizations such as Julius Bär, Heimstaden, LGT, and Zur Rose.

Klaudia's expertise includes a broad range of Workday functionalities, including HCM, Recruiting, Reporting, data migration, and more. She is analytical yet open-minded, and enjoys exploring new Workday solutions to drive business transformation and deliver value to clients.

Collaboration, honesty, and reliability are highly valued attributes at the workplace for Klaudia, who consistently demonstrates these qualities in her interactions with colleagues and clients alike. With a focus on both process and result orientation, Klaudia is highly skilled in managing projects from inception to completion, ensuring timely delivery of high-quality solutions that meet client needs.

Clients appreciate Klaudia's adaptability and ability to pivot when necessary, allowing her to seamlessly integrate into client teams and provide tailored solutions that drive business success. With her communication skills, Klaudia is able to build strong relationships with clients and stakeholders, earning their trust and confidence as a trusted advisor and partner.

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