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Workday Consulting – HCM


At Highperfpeople, we’re committed to delivering excellence in our HCM Evaluation services. We offer a one-hour free evaluation to showcase our dedication to understanding your unique HR needs and challenges. Just like the renowned Swiss quality, we ensure precision and no room for mistakes in our evaluation process. Our commitment extends to the long run, as we’re here to support your HR journey with reliability, quality, and partnership that endures.


With years of experience, Highperfpeople has been at the forefront of implementing Workday tasks and tools. We pride ourselves on implementing these solutions with Swiss precision and excellence, ensuring that your specific requirements are met seamlessly. Our combination of your unique needs and our in-depth expertise in Workday results in precise, efficient, and high-quality implementations. We’re here to help you harness the full potential of Workday, making your HR processes as efficient and effective as possible.

Project Management

Define and communicate the project’s goals and objectives to ensure everyone is aligned on what needs to be achieved. Our seasoned project managers oversee your Workday projects from inception to completion, whether it involves integrating with new vendors or developing innovative Workday solutions. We also provide comprehensive support in Training ensuring your teams are proficient in using the implemented solutions. Additionally, we handle thorough Testing procedures and offer Automated testing to guarantee the reliability and efficiency of your Workday projects.


Our Testing Management for Workday offers a holistic approach to ensure the reliability and efficiency of your Workday solutions. We assemble and manage dedicated teams, formulate robust test strategies, prepare the necessary toolsets, plan test scenarios, and conduct daily progress meetings to keep projects on track. This meticulous process allows for efficient issue resolution, ensuring that your Workday solutions function seamlessly and deliver the desired results. Testing Management for Workday:

  • Comprehensive testing services to ensure solution reliability.
  • Team assembly and management.
  • Test strategy formulation.
  • Toolset preparation.
  • Test scenario planning.
  • Daily progress meetings.
  • Efficient issue resolution.


Our Training services are a vital component of our Workday project management approach. We recognize that successful implementation and project completion go hand in hand with ensuring that your teams are proficient in utilizing the implemented solutions. We offer comprehensive training programs customized to your organization’s specific needs. Our experienced professionals guide your teams through the intricacies of Workday, equipping them with the skills and knowledge required for optimal system utilization. We also provide ongoing training to ensure your teams stay up-to-date with the latest Workday features and functionalities, guaranteeing the long-term success of your Workday projects.

Comprehensive training support for Workday project teams:

  • Ensuring teams are proficient in using implemented solutions.
  • Customized training programs tailored to your organization’s unique needs.
  • Training conducted by experienced professionals.
  • Ongoing training to keep teams up-to-date with Workday features and functionalities.

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