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Workday Consulting – Optimization

Functional Workday Consulting

Our seasoned consultants collaborate closely with you to ensure that Workday aligns seamlessly with your unique business processes. Services include:

  • Defining and Refining Business Processes and auditing
  • Workday Tenant Configuration
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Performance Management
  • Advance Compensation
  • Learning

Technical Workday Consulting

Our Workday technical experts are here to assist with building and fine-tuning your Workday integrations. Our services encompass:

  • Workday SSO and Identity Management Configuration
  • Middleware Setup and Configuration
  • Custom Reporting Solutions
  • Custom Workday Solutions Development
  • Integration
  • Reporting / Dashboards
  • Security
  • Data migration
  • New implementation
  • Merger / Acquisition

Client Advocacy for Workday

If you’re collaborating with another Workday partner, our client advocacy services serve as a protective shield, ensuring:

  • Stringent Quality Assurance
  • Comprehensive Evaluation of Quotes and Timeframes
  • Adherence to Industry Standards

Workday AMS Support & Development

Our support extends beyond the initial implementation. We provide ongoing support to help you:

  • Conduct Audits of Workday Configuration and Integrations
  • Swiftly Resolve Defects
  • Implement Enhancements and Improvements
  • Address Requests for Information
  • Execute Comprehensive Testing

Workday Project Management

Our seasoned project managers oversee your Workday projects from inception to completion, whether it involves integrating with new vendors or developing innovative Workday solutions. We also provide comprehensive support in Training ensuring your teams are proficient in using the implemented solutions. Additionally, we handle thorough Testing procedures and offer Automated testing to guarantee the reliability and efficiency of your Workday projects.

Testing Management for Workday

Ensure the reliability of your Workday solutions with our comprehensive testing services, covering:

  • Team Assembly and Management
  • Test Strategy Formulation
  • Toolset Preparation
  • Test Scenario Planning
  • Daily Progress Meetings
  • Efficient Issue Resolution

Proprietary Workday Solutions

For specialized business needs, we offer custom Workday solutions, including integrations with systems like SAP and Service Now, bespoke report definitions, Manager Dashboard solutions, email templates for Recruiting, Outlook integration for Recruiting, and automation tools.

Package Solution

  • Functional Workday Consulting: Align Workday with your business processes through services like process auditing, configuration, workflow optimization, and performance management.
  • Technical Workday Consulting: Fine-tune your Workday integrations with services covering SSO, custom reporting, and data migration, among others.
  • Client Advocacy for Workday: Protect your interests with stringent quality assurance, evaluation of quotes, and adherence to industry standards when collaborating with other partners.
  • Workday AMS Support & Development: Beyond implementation, we provide ongoing support, defect resolution, enhancements, and comprehensive testing.
  • Workday Project Management: Seasoned project managers oversee your projects from start to finish, including training, testing, and automated testing.
  • Testing Management for Workday: Ensure reliability with our testing services covering team assembly, strategy formulation, and efficient issue resolution.
  • Proprietary Workday Solutions: We offer custom solutions for specialized business needs, including integrations, report definitions, and automation tools.

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