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Who We Are

Highperfpeople stands out as a pioneering force in HR and Workday innovation, committed to reshaping organizational excellence and empowering businesses globally.

HighPerfPeople - Your Workday Partner

25 Years of HighPerfPeople’s Digital Transformation Journey

With a legacy spanning over two dynamic decades, Highperfpeople seamlessly transitioned from Peoplesoft origins to Workday prominence, embodying a commitment to transformative change and catalyzing organizational performance. Unbound by the constraints of cloud-based data centers, we empower companies to thrive at every phase, leveraging our consultancy proficiency in areas such as Workday integration, optimization, and comprehensive HR solutions. Our renowned expertise, both in Switzerland and globally, is embodied by expert teams strategically positioned to make a substantial impact on your HR landscape.

Our values

We embody excellence and collaboration, driving innovation and success.

HighPerfPeople - Your Workday Partner

Peak Performance

Set New Peaks

Our essence is excellence. We commit to surpassing expectations at every turn, ensuring peak performance in everything we do. This relentless focus on quality and efficiency propels us and our partners forward, guaranteeing client success.

HighPerfPeople - Your Workday Partner

Innovation Unleashed

Ignite Change

Innovation drives us to lead and set industry standards. By turning bold ideas into reality, we address today’s challenges and anticipate tomorrow’s opportunities, delivering groundbreaking solutions that ensure our clients are always ahead.

HighPerfPeople - Your Workday Partner

Integrated Success

Together, We Achieve

Our integrated approach, blending diverse talents and perspectives, ensures comprehensive solutions for complex issues. This unity in action drives collective success, directly benefiting our clients through collaborative excellence.

HighPerfPeople - Your Workday Partner

Excellence in Action

Raise the Bar

Maintaining the highest standards, we ensure that our team not only achieves but consistently exceeds the benchmarks we set. This dedication to continuous improvement and excellence leads the industry forward, directly translating to client success.

HighPerfPeople - Your Workday Partner

Motivational Culture

Fuel Ambition

A motivated team is key to achieving client success. By creating an environment that inspires each person to reach their fullest potential, we foster a culture where ambition thrives and achievements are celebrated, benefiting our clients through exceptional service and dedication.

HighPerfPeople - Your Workday Partner

People First

Grow Together

Investing in our people ensures they can deliver their best work, directly impacting client satisfaction. Our commitment to unlocking individual potential and fostering professional growth means we build a stronger, more capable team ready to meet and exceed client expectations.


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Why Us

Why Should You Choose Us?

At HighPerfPeople, we don’t just offer services; we pledge a partnership dedicated to unlocking your project’s full potential. Choose us for a commitment to excellence, a proven track record, and a passion for driving success stories. You decide when you require our assistance. You take control of who, what, and how you will bring the company to the best performance with High-performance people.

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HighPerfPeople - Your Workday Partner

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